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Learn what crowdfunding can do for you and how to make a great project campaign


It all starts with a great idea or a dream. Have a clear goal in mind, organize all your details and prepare the content for a crowdfunding campaign.


Create an amazing project campaign to raise funds. Add images and video to really make your campaign pop and don't forget to offer rewards for contributors!


Funded successfully? Create those product rewards for your campaign contributors and make sure it's all completed by the date you specified.


Send the newly created rewards to your campaign contributors and let them know how much you appreciate their support for your idea!

Funding Marijuana Features

Free Registration

Account registration and launching your crowdfunding campaign is completely FREE. This allows you to get your campaign off the ground with no initial cost.

Funding Options

You have a choice between "FIXED" or "FLEXIBLE" funding. Fixed is all-or-nothing, while Flexible allows you to keep funds raised, regardless of the project goal.

Contributor Rewards

While not required, most successful campaigns offer rewards for contributions. If it's a service or item that is legal to make and ship, you can offer it as a reward.

Promote Campaigns

Let the world know your story! Easily share campaigns and campaign updates on social media and receive comments from the community.

Projects Dashboard

Keep track of your campaigns with our integrated project manager. View campaign stats including views, updates, comments, contributions and total funds raised.

Mobile Optimized

Rest assured knowing all users can easily navigate and contribute to your project campaign from any device including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Pricing and Fees

Funding Marijuana charges a flat 5% fee for all funds successfully raised. Our payment processor also charges 3-5% for each individual contribution. Remaining funds are distributed when the campaign ends.

Fee Structure

About Us

Our mission is to promote the expansion of the marijuana / cannabis industry while helping individuals and businesses to succeed.

We want everyone to take advantage of this wildly growing industry and help reach those who want to contribute to your success.

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